Persona 5 Romance Guide – How to Romance Characters Ann, Makoto, Futaba

Add Comment The chapters in Persona 5 are divided on the name of months that also reflects the ongoing time in Protagonist lifetime. As you keep moving ahead more secrets are revealed. It beings with April and a few starting days only offer an introduction. At the start, you will escape a casino that will provide you a basic tutorial of movements and fight. In the end, the protagonist is caught. A mysterious app in the phone of Protagonist is the link between reality and a virtual world where the entire game is held. The beginning is mostly introductions and dialogues which have no impact on the game story. The story starts with the interrogation of the protagonist by Sae Niijima, older sister of Makoto Niijima who will be part of a group Phantom Thief along with the protagonist.

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There are 9 female characters in Persona 5 that you can romance during the course of the game. This should allow you to trigger intimate cutscenes, go out on dates, and more. Persona 5 Romance Ann Takamaki Location: After reaching Confidant Rank 9, choose one of the two dialogue options.

Here’s how to romance Sadayo Kawakami, your teacher at Sujin Academy, while playing Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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Monday, September 18, Persona 5: Logistics of a Female Protagonist Having finished Persona 5 this past week, I starting thinking about what it would take to include a female protagonist in the inevitable re-release with bonus material. I was disappointed that Persona 4: Golden didn’t have an option where you could play as a female protagonist, considering that Persona 3 Portable did, but when I look at what was involved with making Persona 3’s female main character FeMC , I can see why they’d be reluctant to do it again.

Unlike a game like Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls where the character’s gender rarely comes into play aside from romance options, the Persona games are heavily gendered even outside of romance. I’m not sure if it’s a Japanese cultural issue or just that life as a teenage girl often is different from that of a teenage boy. For instance, in Persona 3 one of the male MC’s friends is a high school boy crushing on his teacher and he wants to start a romantic relationship with her.

It’s not terribly likely that he would confide this kind of crush to a female friend. The student himself still exists, but he’s not one of the FeMC’s friends. And it wasn’t the only Social Link that was either replaced or rewritten.

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‘Persona 5’ Temperance Confidant: How to unlock Kawakami’s friendship

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Follow/Fav P5: Phantom Drive. By: She hated the man who was ‘dating‘ her. Haneru and Makoto were listening to Ms. Kawakami. As she was talking about ‘premeditated crimes’, two out of three of them were still thinking about other things while writing down what their teacher was saying. Both of them dealt with individual things the other.

Laura Kate Dale of Jimquisition gave the game an 8. Her biggest complaint, which she admitted was a personal one, was that it wasn’t available on handheld devices. Immediately, people started criticizing her review, with the main reason being that she shouldn’t have docked points for such a subjective complaint. A lot of people jumped right back on after fully playing the game, with people discovering how he was actually a Tragic Villain with a Trauma Conga Line of a life and in the end managed to redeem himself.

The divide still remains clear, however. While he still has his fans, and his Confidant skills are useful and easy enough to level very few players are likely to reach the end of the game before he finishes his Character Development , you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wishes he was a Gay Option now. See Broken Base below. Police officers are depicted extremely negatively in this game. It’s all but expressly stated that a sizable fraction of the Tokyo PD is in The Conspiracy ‘s pocket, and the cops that aren’t outright crooked are still exceptionally inept.

Perhaps the only cop in the game who is both honest and competent is the one who helps Futaba in her Confidant link.

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The story revolves around the viewpoint of these three heroes, and how they impact the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and those associated with them. Co-writing with Coral the Leviathan. It was evening, and once mother and son settled down to have dinner, Haneru explained to mom about what happened at school, from what Makoto Niijima decided for him and Guren Sakura in order to be good friends, to what he overheard from Kamoshida, to what he learned about all the IRL attempts to stopping him.

However, he saved the best for last by showing her that Kamoshida had a Palace, according to the app. Now, I need to know the cognition Maybe a palace like Oda’s?

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Persona 5 Social-Link/Confidant discussion |OT| Laughing Banana is Makoto’s husbando

This guide is here to help you do exactly that. The following guide is spoiler-light; you can read it without fear of any major plot revelations. The list of Confidants will give you an idea of when characters become available, what you need to do to make contracts with them, and generally what attitude you ought to take when spending time with a given friend as well as what sorts of Confidant abilities everyone has to offer.

All of your fellow Phantom Thieves will get a standard set of Confidant abilities:

I recently continued to watch P5 anime and the animation is still not getting better but seeing more of Haru is enough to compensate for that! And seeing some small MakoHaru moments are nice.

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Persona 5 PS4 April Month and Kamoshida Palace Walkthrough

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While he seems meek and passive, this behavior hides the heart of a trickster that eventually leads to him becoming “Joker”, a notorious Gentleman Thief. He is aligned with the Fool Arcana, and is subsequently the resident holder of the Wild Card. As such, he can switch between hundreds of Personas at will, and said Personas can grow stronger through fusion and through bonding with others. One of fiction’s most famous thieves, Lupin is the archetypal Phantom Thief , a gentleman who steals from criminals worse than himself , both for profit and for the fun of it.

His ultimate Persona is Satanael, the Gnostic equivalent of the Devil. Depending on the tradition, Satanael is either another aspect of God himself, or the greatest of God’s angels, who rebelled against his creator in an attempt to steal back his freedom, only to be cast down from Heaven for his pride.

A Boy and His X: His relationship with Morgana is a perfect example, though Morgana is more of a Mentor Mascot and less of your regular animal sidekick. For bonus points, Morgana was created by Igor specifically for the purpose of aiding Joker. Admittedly the previous two protagonists in the series were good at pretty much everything they did, but Joker is clearly above them on a neurotypical scale of adaptability, proficiency, and pure panty-dropping style.

He’s got a habit of pushing up his glasses with his knuckle. While it’s generally done in a semblance of nonchalance, it becomes much more sinister when he does it in the bad ending where he cuts a deal with Yaldabaoth.

Persona 5 – All Valentine’s Day Dates (ENGLISH)