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These pages were built 21cm wide 8. Since , we ve been including these helpful connection maps in our In Your Face product guides, and we ve been urged to continue doing so because they re so gosh-darned helpful. Now, we ve split our hook-ups into product famlies, and made them available to you over this new-fangled Internet thingy that everyone is talking about these days. Inside you ll find lots of useful information most likely your questions will be answered here. We realize that there s no possible way to cover every single question or application in so few pages because new ways to use Mackie products are invented every day. You may come up with some ideas on how to do what you want by looking at the various diagrams we ve included here. Keep in mind that a good half of the battle in hooking up our products is having the proper connections. Check the cables n plugs that you already have with the diagrams on the next page.

Behringer X32 Producer

With Central Station, you can easily switch between three sets of stereo, analog input sources. You can audition these sources with up to three pairs of speakers, with individual trim pots for each speaker-recessed to avoid accidents. You also get a pair of line-level main outputs, a pair of line-level cue outputs, and two screaming-loud headphone amplifiers with individual level controls.

And because Central Station is a 1U rack-mount device, with only one multi-conductor cable running to the remote control on your desktop, all of the cabling is in the back of your rack, where it belongs.

With Central Station, you can easily switch between three sets of stereo, analog input sources with individual level controls. Two stereo S/PDIF digital sources connect via .

How did they know what feature set would work perfectly in my DAW-based studio before I did? How did they know what price I was willing to pay for such an item? They must have spies everywhere. Either that, or on their own they came up with a cleverly designed and well built product that fills an important need for many studio owners. Probably that second thing. The Presonus Central Station’s primary function is that of a speaker switcher and source switcher.

How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to a Computer

November 18, Your complete quick guide to connecting your keyboard. If you are just starting out with your home recording studio set-up, the first thing you may wish to do is find out how to connect a MIDI keyboard or digital piano up to your computer. This will enable you to use any interactive MIDI software products: The other benefit of making a MIDI connection is if you want to learn to play keyboard or piano.

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ALM Octane vs. Micro Focus ALM

PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc. During the warranty period PreSonus shall, at its sole and absolute. This warranty is enforceable only by the original retail purchaser. To be protected by this warranty, the purchaser must complete and return the enclosed warranty card within 14 days of purchase. During the warranty period PreSonus shall, at its sole and absolute option, either repair or replace, free of charge, any product that proves to be defective on inspection by PreSonus or its authorized service representative.

To obtain warranty service, the purchaser must first call or write PreSonus at the address and telephone number printed below to obtain a Return Authorization Number and instructions of where to return the unit for service.

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Wed Jun 18, 5: Somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. Right now I am using my mixer only when recording because I am not very familiar with how the audiobox works with all those effects and stuff. That is why I did not use it, and maybe I should now, it seems like the audiobox interface will give a better sound quality compared to the mixer. Any effects you put on the insert panel of a channel in S1, those effects are not recorded to the track itself. If you want some reverb to track vocals, put the reverb in the insert.

The AB has no bearing on effects, that can all be handled in S1 directly in this way.

Using Harmonizers

Give most people a pen, paper and some down time, and they’ll fill the margins with the fruits of their imagination. But imagine if you could wave a pen in the air and create a three-dimensional rendering: A toy, a sculpture, a crude architectural model. A Boston-based startup, WobbleWorks , has created what they are calling the world’s first 3-D printing pen.

PreSonus is shipping its new Monitor Station V2 ($ street price), a major redesign of its Desktop Studio Control Center. Monitor Station V2 enables management of multiple audio sources and up to three sets of monitor speakers.

Buy Now Equip your studio with pro monitoring features for a song. Manage multiple audio sources and sets of monitor speakers, track using illegally loud headphone amplifiers, and talk back to your drummer—all from your desktop. Buy Now Consider your sources. Your personal studio is well equipped with a great interface from PreSonus, of course! Perhaps you also need to listen to audio from a third source, such as a tape deck, or you want to be able to audition two different stereo mixes from the interface.

The Monitor Station V2 provides a convenient desktop control center where you can switch between these sources without compromising the sound quality. For example, send a mix with a click track to the TRS 2 input while sending the main mix to TRS 1; you can then enable the headphone amplifiers to carry either the cue or the main mix.

The main audio path always feeds what you will hear in the control room. Audition your music with your choice of three stereo pairs of speaker outputs, each with separate level control. Four screaming-loud headphone outs and a talkback mic ensure your musicians hear every note—and your instructions—clearly. We strongly urge you not to do that. With Monitor Station V2, you can switch between the three sets of monitors instantly!

All speakers can be simultaneously available, or just one pair at a time, or you can choose between speakers A and B, with speaker output C remaining active to feed a subwoofer.

Presonus studio channel has no sound – PreSonus Studio Channel Tube Channel Strip Mic Preamp

We’re sorry, but this item is no longer for sale. Based on the award-winning Central Station, the Monitor Station provides talkback, speaker switching, input source switching and four ultra loud and clear headphone amplifiers delivering everything you need to control your recording environment. One application is used to connect your computer recording system main outputs to the TRS 1 inputs and a CD player’s outputs to the Aux inputs on the Monitor Station to compare your mix with a commercial CD with the touch of a button.

Speaker Switching Three sets of speaker outputs are loaded on the Monitor Station allowing you to audition your mix on different speakers to take the guessing out of how your mixes will translate in the real world. The Monitor Station allows you to route two separate signals Main and Cue to each of the four headphone amplifiers.

The Presonus Central Station’s primary function is that of a speaker switcher and source switcher. But it is more than that, offering many signal routing features needed .

It is like the Mackie Big Knob , where you route your monitors and everything through it. It doesn’t make or process any sound of it’s own, it’s really just a very helpful utility tool. There is also a connection for the external remote controller for Central Station, which is the called the Central Station Remote, or the CSR-1 for short. The front of the device is split up into different sections for talkback, headphones, cue, mains, passive speaker control, and metering.

The main and cue sections have routing buttons and leveling knobs, while the speaker control section is where you can choose between the different speaker outputs. The metering is bright and easy to follow as well. That’s pretty much all that you need to know about the Presonus Central Station, which isn’t too much but is certainly enough for something like this. I’ve seen this in action in both professional and home studios, making it a rare breed of gear that can crossover easily.

If you’re looking for something to anchor your studio down and to give you easy access to routing and monitoring, absolutely check out the Central Station.

Presonus Central Station Plus Unboxing & First Impressions